12/04/2012 11:43 BST

Katie Price and Leandro Penna Sign Up For Argentina's Version Of 'Strictly Come Dancing'

She previously failed to conquer the States, so it's no surprise that Katie Price has her eyes set on trying to win over a different country with her, errrm, charms.

Next on Katie's hit list is Argentina - home to her current squeeze Leandro Penna.

The former glamour model has signed up to take part in the next series of the Argentinian version of Strictly Come Dancing - called Bailando Por Un Sueño - along with Leandro.

The show has caused a right stir among viewers for its racy routines - one of which saw a couple end up completely naked on the dancefloor - so the artist formerly known as Jordan should feel right at home then.

Katie revealed her decision to put on her dancing shoes during an interview with the TV channel that airs the show.

But it appears she may have some problems with another woman getting to grips with her man.

She told viewers: "I don't want him dancing with another woman. I want to dance with him."

We wish their professional partners the best of luck - somehow we think they're going to need it.


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