Peta's Coffin-Shaped Pasty Advert Vandalised To Show Pie And Chips

Peta's poster of a coffin shaped pie on a billboard in Gloucestershire has been vandalised a day after overweight meat-eaters were labelled "coffin dodgers" by a spokeswoman for the animal rights charity.

The ad by Peta (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) features a pastry-topped coffin case with the slogan "Not Ready To Meat Your Maker?" in gothic script.

Recommending going vegan as a way to combat obesity, it targeted Gloucester after the announcement that the town was to open a new super-sized mortuary to cope with obese corpses.

However, since Peta's slogan has been ripped off the bilboard to expose a tantalising glimpse of a McCain oven chip, the picture is now of a high calorific meal that rather contradicts Peta's original message.

McCain slogan is shown in place of Peta's name

The advert ha been criticised by Tam Fry, from the