13/04/2012 09:23 BST | Updated 13/04/2012 09:28 BST

Scrap Metal Transformer Style Robots In Pictures

What do the words "scrap metal" mean to you?

A target for thieves? A valuable asset? Or, do they inspire dreams of creating towering model robots?

Meet the creations of Chinese artists Kefeng Zhu and Zhou Feng, whose scrap-metal masterpieces can currently be seen in China.

Kefeng Zhu's Transformer-style robots are on display in the Mr. Ion Robot Theme Park, the world's first robot theme park which opened to the public earlier this year.

The sculptures took Zhu and a team of artists over 10 years to create. The park has over 600 sculptures, all made from scrap metal and standing at over five metres in height.

Zhou Feng's robot sculpture Scrap Metal Hercules is an awe-inspiring eight meters and ten tonnes of former bulldozers, fire extinguishers and tyres.

The art installation carries a serious message, with Feng wanting the sculpture to promote recycling.