13/04/2012 12:47 BST

Eric Franklin's Glowing Glass Skeleton

Eric Franklin is no ordinary glass blower. If such a thing exists.

His anatomical study Embodiment consists of hollow glass body shaped sculptures filled with glowing ionized krypton, which in turn makes them glow as if filled with neon light.

His pictures show us a gallery of disembodied skeletons, gently glowing with the one thing they haven’t got – life.

Franklin tells us that the skeleton, which took two years to build from 10 different unites of glass, is supposed to make us “consider the mind and body as one entity”.

He is currently trying to find venues to construct larger installation style pieces like his Basalt that recently exhibited at Portland’s State University.

Basalt is a series of interlocking glass tubes that was is completely interconnected as one continuous glass object.

Enjoy pictures of Embodiment below. We think they really capture something ephemeral about the human condition.

And it’s also really hip. Sorry.