13/04/2012 10:55 BST | Updated 13/04/2012 10:55 BST

One Direction Fans Send Death Threats To Zayn's Love Interest

One Direction fans can be a crazy bunch. If they're not standing outside places for hours waiting to catch a glimpse of the band, they're sending death threats to anyone who dares to go near their beloved boys.

And in just 24 short hours, they have found two new targets to troll.

First was radio station secretary Anna Crotti who caught the eye of Zayn Malik after they paid a visit to the Nova radio network in Sydney.

Zayn had given his number to Anna after the band bantered on air about having the hots for the receptionist.

"We were communicating (via text) through the whole day pretty much (and Zayn) asked if I would like to catch up. I said I was free a bit later," Anna told Austraila's Herald Sun.

The pair were due to hook up for a date, but she was forced to cancel after receiving hate mail from fans when they found her Facebook page.

"By the end of the day it got a bit too scary," she said. "Random girls were abusing me on Facebook. Girls were calling the radio station and giving me s**t. Mothers even called me in tears, demanding to know if I knew where One Direction were because their daughters wanted to meet them.

"I messaged (Zayn) and said, 'Maybe it's not a good idea we meet up'. It was just a bit too full-on. I know it's just typical teenage girl stuff, but I don't understand it."

Online trolls are also targeting an American boyband who are currently embroiled in a law suit after they claimed they used the name One Direction first.

The group - who are fighting to win back sole use of the title and seek £625,000 in damages - have told The Sun of how the the worst of the hatred is directed at their manager, who is also father to member Sean O'Leary.

Sean told the tabloid: "There has been so much hate mail, like people threatening to cut our b**ls off. The one that stands out for me is a girl saying she wanted to kill my father."

On their fight, manager Dan said: "I don't care how powerful Simon Cowell is. He's mad if he thinks we're going to lie down, sit down or back down over this - whatever power and money he has behind him. We're not going to be pushed around by some music mogul."

Fighting talk.


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