13/04/2012 12:38 BST | Updated 13/04/2012 12:38 BST

Cubism For Beginners: Jean Christophe Naour's iPad App Brings Cubism To The Masses

Jean-Christophe Naour might well have created the next Instagram.

He has invented an app for the iPad which allows users to create polygonal versions of an image. Using the app, Poly, users can turn their photos of last night’s dinner or next door’s cat into cubist creations.

Inspired by Delaunay Triangulation, a mathematical geometric idea, Naour made this series of pop culture portraits cubist.

Originally from France, but based in Seoul, South Korea, Naour develops ‘interaction concepts, interfaces, programs and motion design’ for our phones, TVs and game consoles.

His aim is to ‘go beyond the screen’ and these images certainly do, they become almost 3D where the vaguely familiar celebrity face peers out of the picture.

We’re not sure the world really needed another way to mix up photos in the name of 'art' and plaster them all over Facebook.

But at least it’ll give people something slightly more original to do than apply that sepia filter.

Polygonal Pop-Culture Icons