14/04/2012 15:10 BST | Updated 14/06/2012 06:12 BST

The Voice Review: Jaz Ellington Takes Last Place, As Will.i.am Wipes Away A Tear

Tonight saw a magical conclusion to the final round of spinning chairs on The Voice, as the judges completed their line-ups.

There was only one place left in the competition when Jaz Ellington, a London singing teacher, took to the stage, and Will.i.am was the only coach with a place left on his team.

His emotional gamble (“you always listen to your gut, and my gut was telling me to hang on”) paid off when Ellington cranked out Ed Sheeran’s A Team. Even Will.i.am was left giggling at his good fortune. He said, “As a lesson to every single person on the planet, follow your gut.”

WATCH Jaz's Stunning Performance Below...

But then, Jessie J suggested he try something else, and he sang Ordinary People, Will.i.am’s own song that had moved him earlier. This time saw the panellist wiping away a tear, with Jessie J also moist-eyed.

Will.i.am could hardly look at him afterwards, while the rest of the panel congratulated him. Danny, an articulate Irishman, was able to speak for all the other panellists when he said, “We musicians live for moments like that.”

Jaz said afterwards while embracing his pregnant wife, “That was the best experience I’ve ever had on stage."

"How long have you been singing?" he was asked.

"All my life."

When he could speak, Will.iam described him as a “little angel with wings”.

Previously, Becky Hill, only 17, had sounded a lot mature than her years with her rendition of Ordinary People. Will.i.am was visibly moved by the sound of someone singing “something that’s dear to my heart, and you took it and sang it your way, and that’s beautiful".

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