16/04/2012 10:09 BST

Boris Johnson Inspired By Chocolate Digestive Biscuit

Politicians often reach for the the great philosophers or heroic leaders of the past when seeking to explain their governing style, but Boris Johnson has picked an inspiration closer to home, or more specifically, from his kitchen.

Taking part in a Mumsnet webchat on Monday, the Mayor revealed that not only was the humble chocolate digestive his favourite biscuit, it also represented his political philosophy.

It is a tradition that politician's to reveal what their favourite biscuit is. Gordon Brown indadvertedly triggered "biscuitgate" in 2009 after he failed to say what his prefered nibble was.

And Boris was not spared a similar interrogation on Monday. One particularly persistant questioner demanded: "ARE YOU GOING TO TELL US YOUR FAVOURITE BISCUIT Come on. This is important stuff."

The mayor replied: "I am sorry that we haven't yet given you enough detail on the biscuit question."

"The important point about a chocolate digestive is that it combines the temptation of the chocolate with the nourishment of the wholemeal biscuit pabulum stuff.

"Each biscuit delivers on that promise, time after time, until you get to the bottom of the packet.

"It is about consistency and reliability. It does what it says on the packet. That is the essence of my commitment to London.

He added: "I will keep my promises - just as I have been able to keep them over the last four years, and I hope I can count on your support."

Boris campaign team must be hoping the margin of victory between him and Ken Livingstone is not overly populated by Jammy Dodger fans.