16/04/2012 14:20 BST

Charlie Bit My Finger App Released For Apple, Android Products

One of the all-time great YouTube viral videos, 'Charlie Bit My Finger' has stepped into the world of apps, which offers a soundboard and a bunch of other cute, hilarious features.

The app, officially called CharlieBitMe!!! and which is now available on the Apple App Store and will be on Google Play later this week, allows users to play around with a soundboard stocked with catchphrases from the two kids in the video, Charlie and Harry, and also includes a feature where the older of the two, Harry, repeats everything that you say in his famous whiny voice.

If you upgrade to the paid app for £1, you can play a number of minigames and integrate your photo into a screenshot from the video, as though it were Charlie biting your finger.

The original video was filmed by the childrens' father, Howard Davies-Carr, to share with a friend in Colorado. However, it was picked up and shared around and shot to YouTube stardom.

Watch the original video below...

The video, which has close to 446,000,000 total views on YouTube, has already earned the parents £100,000 through merchandise, adverts and television appearances, and this app could well make them more than that.

Speaking about the app, Davies-Carr said: "We hope everyone now enjoys being part of the clip themselves by creating their own sound track, having photos with Charlie biting their finger, saving Harry from the bite or even biting Harry's finger. Thanks to all Harry and Charlie's fans.”

Damian Collier, the founder and CEO of the company who made the app, Viral Spiral, added that: "People all over the world have been quoting “Charlie Bit Me!” for almost five years. Now they can become part of the story!

"Everyone at Viral Spiral is extremely excited to have been part of the official Charlie Bit Me app, and working closely with Howard and his family."

See screenshots from the app below...