16/04/2012 13:42 BST | Updated 16/04/2012 13:45 BST

Join The Huffington Post UK Tech Draw Something Challenge

Are you, like us, addicted to Draw Something?

For those who are, we'd love to play with you, so we've created The Huffington Post UK Tech Draw Something Challenge.

We want to feature the best drawings by you, our super creative and app happy readers. We'll play as many games as we can with you, and feature the best pics each Friday in the Draw Something Challenge pictures of the week.

Now the good part, you get to vote for the best pic of the week in our slideshow poll. Winner gets the warm fuzzy glow of peer approval.

To join in, find us via our username, HuffPostUKTech, and invite us to play.

If you'd like us to find you, let us know your Draw Something username in comments below.

Check out some of our favourite pictures so far in the slideshow below.

Download the Draw Something app from the app store.