16/04/2012 06:24 BST | Updated 17/04/2012 12:22 BST

The Goldfish That Looks Like Hitler (PICTURES)

We've had cats that look like Hitler - also known as 'Kitlers' - a house that looks like Hitler and, um, things in general that look like Hitler.

But a fish that looks like Hitler? Well, that's a new one for us - and a new one for George here too, with the toothbrush moustache-like suddenly appearing above his upper lip recently.

"George’s colour has changed a lot over the years... he was originally brown, but he has stayed a glorious orange over the past year or two and that’s when the moustache developed," explains his owner, Deborah Cochrane, who lives with the fishy Führer in Belfast.

"He refuses to eat fish food. He will only eat vegetables and particularly loves his peas," she adds, pointing out the similarity between the Nazi leader's own vegetarian tendancies and her own pet. "Whenever I walk into the same room as George, I notice he often has a fin raised and worry he is trying to indoctrinate me."

Ah well, Deborah... stiff upper lip and all that, eh?