‘Make-Up Map' Of Britain: Experts Reveal Regional Cosmetic Trends

According to recent research, the type of make-up a British woman wears (and how much) can reveal which part of the country she lives in.

The study by Superdrug has revealed that women with blemish-free complexions are most likely to reside in Newcastle and those with fluttering fake eyelashes will probably live near The Only Way Is Essex cast members.

According to the study, which analysed recent sale figures, Essex girls are 13% more likely to wear fake eyelashes than their regional counterparts and Liverpudlian ladies wear the least make-up, with 55% admitting to going bare-faced at least 17 times a month.

In fact, make-up loving women from Essex love fake lashes so much, sales of the ‘double lash’ look (eyelashes designed to look like you’re wearing two pairs at once) have risen by 39% in Lakeside, Essex and 300% in Romford Essex.

With women from Leeds following behind the Essex lot with their increased interest in Bambi-like lashes, ladies from Nottingham, Barnsley, Worcestershire, Somerset and Wales prefer to keep their eyes au-natural.

And it’s not just fake eyelash sales that has highlighted a distinct north-side divide in the way women paint their faces.

A recent study by John Lewis discovered that although women from Liverpool are cutting back on the eyelashes – they’re making up for it on orange-hued fake tan, as they spend 35% more on tanning products than women in the rest of the country.

Geordie women from Newcastle splash their cash on posh face creams and spend 15% more on moisterisers than those in Edinburgh - although Scottish women spend the same price stocking up on blemish-fixing foundations.

Wealthy women who reside in affluent London areas like Chelsea, spend 21% more than any other women on facial serums.

In Wales, Cardiff ladies purchase the most blusher for their cheeks and girls from Bristol shell out 12% more on lipsticks and women from the West Midland spend 20% more on lip gloss than other women in the UK.

Mascara is the biggest make-up purchase for women in Staffordshire and ladies from Manchester are most likely to sport a perfectly manicured nail.

A separate study by Debenhams looked into make-up habits of women – but this time, where they applied their make-up, rather than how much they wore.

According to the study, 67% of British women are happy to apply their morning make-up on public transport (a statistic many commuters will not be surprised at), with women from London being the most likely to carry round a full bag of make-up for on-the-go touch-ups.

Vivienne Rudd, head of beauty and personal care insight at research analyst, Mintel, said: "I think stereotypes exist for a reason.

"I am not saying that all the women in the North-west and North are the same as you see on the reality TV programmes but there is a grain of truth there, that the women in these regions do like to be seen to have a flawless appearance."