Six-Legged Baby Born In Pakistan, 'Could Be Conjoined Twins' (PICTURES)


A baby boy born with six legs is receiving treatment at a Karachi hospital after his poverty-stricken father appealed for help.

The little boy, born in Sukkur, a city in Sindh Province last Friday, is now under the care of a specialist at the National Institute of Child Health.

The unnamed child’s condition is apparently due to the presence of a conjoined twin and the extra limbs could include arms as well as legs.

Dr Jamal Raza told News Tribe: “One of the babies is not fully developed giving the present physical structure to the baby.”

The boy’s father, Imran Sheikh, issued a direct appeal to the government, stating: “I can’t afford to visit Karachi and get treatment for my baby.

“I appeal to philanthropists and the government to come forward for the treatment.”

Dr Raza added: “Surgery for treatment could be very complex. But the baby could be operated and if required we would call foreign expert doctors.

“This is a type of family disease which targets only one in 100,000 children.”

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