16/04/2012 05:51 BST | Updated 16/04/2012 08:05 BST

'Ultimate Cat Tease' Takes Everyone's Favourite Animal Viral And Makes It More Feline (VIDEO)

At the time of writing, viral video phenomenon 'Ultimate Dog Tease' has been watched over 100 million times. Created by YouTuber klaatu42, it was the most watched clip of 2011 on the whole of the internet - no mean feat.

So when the follow-up comes along, we pay attention, and we pay attention good. Its name: 'Ultimate Cat Tease' - and would you believe it, it's got cats in it. And no dogs.

Recurring themes include teasing animals with food, bacon and pets being able to talk. But as well as all these series regulars, there's also an expected guest appearance from a guinea pig.

That's right, a guinea pig rocks up. In a video about cats. klaatu42 doesn't play by the rules, you know?

Oh, and just to remind you, here's the original that kicked it all off...