17/04/2012 07:35 BST | Updated 17/04/2012 07:46 BST

14-Year-Old Voiceover Artist Jake Foushee Shows The 'Movie Trailer Guy' How It's Done (VIDEO)

Meet 14-year-old Jake Foushee. He lives in the city of Mebane in North Carolina, and to look at him, he's just your regular teenage boy - but to listen to him, he's something else entirely.

As if he's not only gone through puberty recently but wrestled it to the ground and beaten it to a pulp, Master Foushee has a voice that rivals the golden-voiced homeless man the internet still loves to love, Ted Williams.

So click play on the video above to hear him do his thing, and remember: he's fourteen. Fourteen with a voice that you'd expect a man in his 1950s to have, in fact.

The man he's impresonating is commonly known as the 'movie trailer guy', but those in the know refer to him as Don LaFontaine. He passed away back in 2008 - and maybe Jake here could take over the reins in a couple of years' time. Who knows, it might well happen...

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