17/04/2012 09:29 BST

Danielle Lloyd Seeking Medical Help For Depression

She's bounced back from depression and recently stared death in the face but the stress of preparing for her wedding is getting Danielle Lloyd down - she's on antidepressants again in the run-up to her big day.

Glamour model Danielle has had a tough year after cheating death following an emergency procedure to remove her breast implants in February.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star also battled post-natal depression after the birth of second child Harry last July.

And despite getting her life back on track, Danielle has turned to medical help once again, admitting the anticipation of a fairytale wedding to footballer Jamie O'Hara isn't quite as she'd hoped.

The reality star recently came off mood stabilising pills at the advice of doctors but is taking them again due to the stresses in her life.

She told OK! magazine: "When I was off them I started feeling snappy and just down in general so I do need them, especially with the stress of the wedding."

While she is happy to be finally trying on dresses, Danielle admits her recent health scare has left her with little time to prepare for a spring wedding.

She said: "All the dramas with my health made me so stressed so I haven't had much time to concentrate on the wedding, or even turn into a Bridezilla!"

And despite her worries, Danielle, who posed in a wedding dress for the publication, is looking forward to the ceremony once the day finally arrives.

She added: "I think (Jamie) will cry. I asked him to come to the (magazine) shoot today and he said he'd get too emotional. (First son) Archie will love it too, he's been hiding under all my dresses today and he's such a little poser. He's the ring bearer on the day so he'll be cute."