17/04/2012 05:37 BST | Updated 17/04/2012 12:37 BST

Inbetweeners Set For Fourth Series, Despite Saying Film Would Be The End Of Them...

The Inbetweeners decisively said they wouldn't be returning for a fourth television series.

The three series on TV, showing the romantic escapades, mostly gruesome failures of four school friends Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, was the breakout hit of E4, and made stars of actors Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison respectively.

And it bizarrely made a catchphrase out of "Briefcase w***ker", which was the label tagged to Will when he was a late newcomer to the school, and a bit too neatly dressed for the others' liking.

Last year, their move to the big screen for the story of their coming-of-age holiday in Malia, Crete, spawned the year's biggest surprise hit of 2011, taking £45 million at the summer box office, a healthy return on a £3.5m production budget.

On the eve of their big screen bonanza last summer, all four actors agreed that a fourth series was not in the pipeline. Blake Harrison told HuffPostUK that: “It feels like it’s come to a natural conclusion, so that works professionally, but on a personal level, we’re definitely going to miss working with each other.”

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However, it seems hungry television execs may have other ideas, with plans now being mooted to show the hapless quartet in action at college or at work, presumably with their usual healthy romantic ambitions thwarted by the final reel, according to the Daily Star.

But one of the cast has hinted that all four may not make it to the end of the fourth series, with Buckley telling the Daily Star, "We have to see what happens. Maybe one of them dies and the other three have to join up for the funeral.

"But the question is, who are they gonna get rid of?"

Watch this space for more news on The Inbetweeners. In the meantime, here's the moment they make their move on the dancefloor in Crete... watch and learn!