17/04/2012 10:16 BST | Updated 17/04/2012 10:17 BST

Johnny Depp Gets Seal Of Approval From Native American Elders, During Filming Of 'The Lone Ranger'

Johnny Depp met with Navajo leaders to check that they are happy with his portrayal of Native American hero, Tonto, in his upcoming film The Lone Ranger.

The Pirates of the Carribean star met Navajo Nation elders Ben Shelley and Rex Lee Jim, alongside co-star Arnie Hammer.

The meeting took place on the film’s set in Monument Valley, which is sacred Native American land, with both Hollywood stars in full makeup and costume

As a goodwill gesture, the Navajo elders presented the Hollywood stars with Pendleton blankets and posed for photographs in a warm embrace.

Speaking to US Entertainment Tonight Shelley said:

"It was a great honour and privilege to meet Johnny Depp and filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer. We are honoured the movie is being filmed here on the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation has beautiful landscape and we are glad it is being shared through filmmaking."

Depp’s character Tonto first appeared on radio in 1933 and has been a recurring character across American media ever since.

Originally the character was created just as someone the Lone Ranger could talk to, but his character soon developed, becoming widely known as the Lone Ranger's close friend.

Johnny Depp Meets Native American Elders