17/04/2012 20:18 BST | Updated 18/04/2012 17:35 BST

The Apprentice 2012 Preview: Let's Get Physical On This Week's Episode (PHOTOS)

This week's task - to devise and present a work out class.

The teams have two days to develop a new fitness routine, which they each have to pitch to three health club chains. If they like the routine they will license the class nationally. The team that makes the most money from sales of the licenses will win. From the losing team, one candidate will be fired.

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Some choice moments from this week's episode:

Team Phoenix decide to go with 80's Groove Train, but Adam and Jade aren't exactly in the same carriage.

Jade on Adam: “I’m not really sure what Adam’s role is today, he just keeps telling everyone to smile when they’re doing well, quite annoying really.”

Adam on Jade: “Apparently Jade’s the creative one in the group, I personally haven’t witnessed anything, all she creates is problems. She doesn’t shout me down, no one could do that, but she just doesn’t listen. I don’t know whether she’s thick or deaf."

Meanwhile, over in Team Sterling, it's a martial arts routine being devised... by Duane, pretty much on his own.

Laura on Duane: "I think Duane came with a story board and a plan and he was getting quite frustrated with myself and Nick [Holzherr] having an opinion.”

Duane on Laura and her teammates: “That was so stressful for me guys, it was really really difficult. There was a disagreement at every single stage. I thought I couldn’t even say what I wanted to say because I was going to upset you, Laura. If you wanted to manage the video you should have put yourself forward yesterday. Don’t turn up with all your ideas now. I was made to feel stupid.”

Some of this week's candidates in proper action...

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