18/04/2012 07:32 BST | Updated 18/04/2012 07:34 BST

Overdramatic Toddler Claims That Bowl Is Too Heavy, Deserves Oscar (VIDEO)

Sometimes a toddler throwing a massive hissy fit is very funny. Other times, it's an absolute nightmare and no-one's laughing, least of all the toddler in question.

This three-year-old, however, is very much in the former camp, executing a wobbly so preposterous that her father whipped out his mobile phone and started recording it all.

The scene is this: YouTuber 'cr8zyfamily' was asking his without-a-nap, three-year-old daughter to put her bowl away after dinner one evening. She complains that her bowl is too heavy... and so it begins.

Will she eventually get the bowl into the sink? Or will this massive piece of crockery prove too much for our exhausted heroine? Find out after clicking play on the video above - and be warned, you may want to put the volume down on your computer a touch. Just a tip for you there.

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