18/04/2012 13:08 BST | Updated 23/04/2012 14:04 BST

A Different Kind Of Literary Festival: Laugharne Weekend 2012 (VIDEO)

Laugharne is a typically sleepy, typically pretty town in South Wales, unremarkable in all but one sense: it was the beloved home of Dylan Thomas, the most famous poet the country has ever produced.

There, sat in a shed on a cliff top, Thomas penned some of his most famous works - a heritage Laugharne has unsurprisingly taken to its heart.

So much so that once a year they throw what is probably the most intimate, understated - and for both those reasons - enjoyable literary festival in the UK.

Set across four smallish venues in the town's centre - including a cosy town hall, a well-stocked rugby club attic and a dilapidated church (where poets' voices resonate with a solemn beauty) - the Laugharne Weekend attracts an eclectic line up, from British poetry powerhouse Simon Armitage to cult author Howard Marks to comedian Keith Allen, who presides over the musical aspect of the entertainment each year.

Start times run late, acts turn up slightly sozzled from the pub up the road and the proceedings have an air of unpredictability and inclusiveness that reminds how much, for better and for worse, major literary events like Hay have came to mirror its musical equivalents.

In pursuit of this more authentic literary atmosphere, HuffPost packed its bag, accepted its mobile phone would be useless and set off for Wales.

The video above is what we discovered.

Warning: like anything featuring Keith Allen, there is some bad language...