18/04/2012 18:13 BST | Updated 18/04/2012 18:40 BST

The Apprentice 2012 Review: Headbands And Hoppers As Teams Seek The Perfect Workout Trend (PHOTOS)

Previously, it’s all been products – condiments, home gadgets, tourist gimmicks and vintage stock.

This week, The Apprentice candidates had to turn their skills to selling a more intangible service, specifically devising and pitching a new fitness programme that could be pitched nationwide.

This proved a fascinating insight into a growing market, and the teams ploughed straight in - good to see them a lot more relaxed and ready to roll up sleeves than in previous weeks, and don shorts in one unforgettable case.

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For Stephen, a health club manager, it was a no-brainer to lead his team Phoenix, and Ricky Martin, a recreational wrestler, felt equally at home wearing the Sterling manager’s hat.

Some choice moments in this week's episode...

  • Nick Hewer’s poker-face as the members of his team went through the description of their various athletic skills
  • Stephen and the boys being shown how to bust their moves by a nubile 80’s troupe – looking, in their suits, less like athletic gurus than self-conscious dads on wedding dance floors.
  • ‘Those shorts look a bit small’ Karren Brady’s anxious verdict on Azhar’s outfit for the Groove Train video.
  • Duane’s big ‘I’m-directing-a-pop-promo’ jacket, with lapels flying around. I'm sure this was actually what got him sacked.
  • Duane's set-to with Laura in the car on the way home, while team-mate Nick looked, first, uncomfortable, and then increasingly amused… “What shall we talk about?” he asked. Silence.
  • Azhar’s Mr Bean-esque character leading his team’s routine in the video, speaking in a very flat voice, shaking those eighties moves, with a John McEnroe headband to match his shorts, and hips a-kimbo. Where do we sign up?

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Some of this week's candidates in proper action...

The Apprentice Episode 5