19/04/2012 07:12 BST | Updated 19/04/2012 07:14 BST

Japanese 'Monkey Man' Kenichi Ito Is The Fastest Man On Four Legs (VIDEO)

Most people aren't inspired by monkeys, day to day. Japan's 'Monkey Man' Kenichi Ito isn't like most people - what with him holding the world record for fastest run on all fours and all.

You see, 29-year-old Kenichi was inspired by the Patas monkeys of central Africa to take up his passion for scrambling across the dirt - something he's embraced whole-heartedly.

In fact, back in November 2008, Ito set the world record for running 100 metres on all fours. His time was 18.58 seconds, according to Guinness World Records - a record that still stands.

So check out his astonishing footwork in the video above, and for videos of actual monkeys doing actual monkey business, take a look at our video gallery below.