19/04/2012 09:44 BST

Lib Dems 'Hoodwinking' The Public With Pasty Tax Leaflet

The Liberal Democrats have been criticised by Labour for publishing a campaign leaflet which features the slogan "stop the Tories taxing our pasties".

Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, Labour front bencher Angela Eagle said the leaflet, distributed in the south west of England, was a "desperate effort to hoodwink the public".

Eagle said that the fact that only five Liberal Democrats voted against the so-called "pasty tax' meant "people are not fooled by their dubious political posturing".

"It was Lib Dems votes what won the pasty tax," she told MPs while waving the leaflet in her hand.

An attempt on Wednesday evening by Labour to block the imposition of VAT on hot takeaway snacks - the "pasty tax" - was defeated despite a revolt by 14 coalition backbenchers - nine Tories and five Liberal Democrats.

All six Cornwall MPs backed rebelled against the government on the vote.

Attempts to prevent VAT being levied on static caravans and improvements to listed buildings were also defeated by the government.