19/04/2012 13:36 BST | Updated 20/04/2012 04:21 BST

Stag Party Stripper Organisers Chillisauce To Tutor London Met University Students

A company better known for organising stag parties which include strippers, lap-dancing and S&M "punishments" will be tutoring university students.

Chillisauce will be offering a masters course in events management at London Metropolitan University (LMU), despite their involvement in the sex industry, the Times Education Supplement reported.

The decision has been criticised by union leaders who say the course will damage the university's reputation.

The organisation offers to stage parties which include limousine lap dances or wrestling "scantily clad" girls in tubs of jelly and baby oil.

The description of one activity, the "strip dinner", reads:

"No meal is really complete without a juicy bird. While you sample delicacies of one kind, a delicacy of a completely different kind will dance for you, dropping unnecessary clothes as she goes. You'll struggle to keep the food in your mouth as the sultry seductress bumps and grinds alongside. When its time for dessert, it'll be tough to decide whether the true treat is on the table or shaking what her mama gave her in front of you."

A spokesperson for the University and College Union said: "Some would question how [linking up with] a company that specialises in stag weekends offering wrestling scantily-clad women in jelly is likely to do much for a university’s reputation or academic standing."

Chillisauce promotes its investment in the future, saying it is concentrating on those who will become "key figures" in the event industry.

The masters course, named Event Experience Management, will analyse "real-life events", case studies and teach how to develop event concepts.

As an academic it’s quite rewarding to know that an award winning company like Chillisauce approves of our curriculum and wants to work with our students."

Nicole Ferdinand, course director of Post-graduate Events Programmes at LMU said the formal partnership had increased interest and relevance in the module.

"Their involvement has meant that students doing other MAs in the Business School such as Arts, Hospitality and Tourism Management were drawn in to a module that offered real world practical experience.

"The introductory lecture has really pumped the students and has them looking forward to impressing him with the proposal pitches (their final assessment for the module) instead of dreading it."

Michael Chidzey, head of digital marketing at Chillisauce said: "The aim of the partnership with London Metropolitan University is to provide students with free training to help improve their level of employability upon graduation. Chillisauce believes in learning through education and offers a number of internships that frequently lead to entry level full-time positions."

Chidzey continues: "As a former student at the University, I'm extremely proud that Chillisauce has encouraged their employees to share time, ideas and expert knowledge with students on a pro-bono basis to help boost skills for their entry into employment."