20/04/2012 12:37 BST

PICTURES: Are These The Worst Wedding Photographs Ever?

In a word: probably.

Yes, spare a thought for poor Thomas and Anneka Geary, who handed over £750 to Westgate photography in Warwick to cover their wedding at at Dunchurch Park Hotel, near Rugby.

The result? Out of focus shots, the backs of guests' heads, stray children and not a single photograph of the groom's parents. We know. Horrific.

"It was an utter shambles. Just about every shot was wrong," the bride tells the Daily Telegraph. Adds the groom: "All we wanted was one picture to put in a frame of our wedding day but there is not a single one we can use."

Westgate Photography have since apologised for the photos... and gone bust. Oh dear. There's nothing like a fairytale happy ending, is there?