20/04/2012 12:55 BST | Updated 20/06/2012 06:12 BST

'I Was Born Under A Head Of Cabbage': Comments Of The Week

In the first of new series, we round up our favourite readers comments from HuffPost Culture over the past week...

"Brilliant piece of photography and well done to Chris for the commitment to his craft to produce it. I love work that clearly shows a persons passion in creating it. I'd like to know where you get these wives that don't complain much though!!"

Brunel1859 on the quite frankly amazing An Entire Day In One Photograph - and the man responsible's claim about his understanding partner...

"Good idea but second rate execution, either not subtle enough or too much so. Too boring basically. This guy deserves kudos for coming up with the concept, but someone else needs to do it justice."

Altern8 gives a reasonable assessment of satirical fashion photography project Don't Touch My Universe. Although...

"Absolutely brilliant! I think these photos are juxtaposing Western superficiality with the serious problems of the world. The models represent our superficial preoccupations, while all the serious things that really matter and that we should be paying attention to are in the background. Brilliant! I love it!"

Crisdean Wulver saw things somewhat differently.

"So if a library has some funding cuts, they should burn books? What happens when a school loses funding?"

catboycolo raises a very good point regarding an Italian museum burning their art collection in protest to government cuts.

"Spent a Christmas fighting a bushfire in Queensland, NOT NICE!!!!!!!!!"

Tasseb appreciates the dangers involved in Nick Moir's stunning dangerous element photography.

"I was born under a head of cabbage. I wouldn't eat boiled cabbage till I was 18 worried that I'd make some other baby homeless.

My sister was found in a matchbox.

It's all true - according to my dad!"

Mad Mick sympathises with the Queen Mum after a new book claimed she was the lover child of a French cook.