20/04/2012 10:59 BST | Updated 20/04/2012 11:49 BST

Great White Shark Gets Hypnotised (PICTURES)

Sharks have never had that good a reputation, but once Jaws came out in 1975, well, they were never going to top anyone's 'top 10 best pets ever' list ever again.

This picture gallery we've got for you below also doesn't do the angry, toothy fish any more favours, showing a Great White approaching a boat off the coast of South Africa - but then, this shark didn't expect to get 'hypnotised', now did he?

About eight kilometres from famous shark-watching hotspot Dyer Island, this so-called 'shark whisperer' Andre Hartman dealt with this fierce foe coming at his outboard motor by rubbing its nose to 'hypnotise' it.

And lo, with this clever trick, no-one was harmed during the incident - including the shark and, um, the motor. Getting stranded in shark-infested waters with no means of moving anywhere would be... a bad thing. A very bad thing indeed.