21/04/2012 18:19 BST

Britain's Got Talent Review: Bare Chests From Cascade, Big Winks From Chica Latina (VIDEO)

Britain has obviously run out of talent (or it’s all currently on BBC1, shock), because the most striking act on this week's Britain's Got Talent emerged from across the Channel.

BGT was shown how it’s done by a bunch of muscle-rippling Parisian blokes, calling themselves Cascade - “a mix between human stunts and acrobatic martial arts” - by turn dramatic and athletic, and then when it seemed in danger of becoming a bit samey, the shirts came off to reveal six-packs a-plenty.

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Obviously, this brought a whole load of 'Yes' from a grateful Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, and Simon Cowell and David Walliams were equally impressed, with Simon saying: “It was absolutely amazing, brilliant. And you in the middle are a star” (the one referred to by Alesha as “a French Tom Cruise”).

There was a youthful theme this week, with 12-year-old Lauren Thalia almost too tiny for her guitar. Simon liked the fact that she was a posh little thing, singing about her swag, and he was similarly impressed by piano prodigy Michael, also 12.

The Loveable Rogues were obviously a bunch of three good-natured lads from Essex. These three students might need to polish up before taking on One Direction in the fandom stakes, but their personalities charmed the panel and they all got through.

If 12-year-olds brimmed with confidence, not everyone was so laid-back.

Impressionist Marea Smithson was shaking with nerves, but knocked them on the head long enough to bash out a few Corrie impersonations. Her act might need a bit more to it, to compete with the world domination of Susan Boyle, but it was refreshing to see an impressionist, and Marea was very likeable, with no arrogance, and a big, proud hug from her daughter. Simon was worried about her confidence going forward, but the judges all put her through.

And then, finally, it was let’s-all-laugh-at-the-foreigner time. Chica Latina entered the scene, all slithery and sequinned to belt out her version of River Deep Mountain High. Oh well, it worked for Wagner.

“We’ve had slightly better singers,” remarked Walliams, but thought the darkness of Simon was at least charmed out of him by the Columbian lady, and that was reason enough to buzz her through.

What she lacked in vocal ability, Chica Latina made up for in enthusiasm, giving Walliams a big wink, but saving her biggest praise for the chief judge.

“I love Simon, I think he’s a powerful man,” she said.

“I love girls like that,” he said.

This week's contestants in action...

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