23/04/2012 07:26 BST

Ched Evans Sentence Prompts Twitter Account To Expose Sympathisers

Sheffield United striker Ched Evans was sentenced to five years for rape on Friday, and immediately gained sympathisers on Twitter.

One account on the social networking site, @BanterWatch, retweeted several messages lauding the footballer, after his victim was deemed "too drunk to consent".

The tweets make for depressing reading, while other users on the social networking site highlighted how dangerous the court system could be should any of the individuals have to serve on a jury.

The girl, who is entitled to lifelong anonymity under Sec 1 of the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1992, has already been identified and abused on Twitter.

The End Violence Against Women group said in a statement: "This raises serious questions about the adequacy of the criminal justice system to deal with offences that occur online and we are calling for an urgent review of laws and practices."