24/04/2012 05:56 BST | Updated 24/04/2012 06:09 BST

Frog Sits Like A Human (VIDEO)

Sorry Kermit, your time has come. After years of being the acceptable face of froggery the world over, you now have a challenger in the form of this ribbiting beastie.

Just look at him sitting there, as cool as a very cool cucumber... who happens to be able to sit upright, for some reason. Sure, he doesn't have a banjo to play, and we doubt he's that good at singing Rainbow Connection, but still, he's the most impressive frog we've seen in ages.

Of course, he's not the first animal to somehow think he was a human, if only for a little while. We've had skateboarding dogs, piano-playing cats and... well, just take a look at our 'animals behaving like humans' video gallery for more, why not?