24/04/2012 08:35 BST

Is This What Happens When You Hang Out With Tara Reid?

Errrm, what the hell has happened to Jedward? If their quiffs are a barometre of their physical and mental state then we are in serious trouble people.

The Irish twins look like they're in need of a blinkin' good kip - not to mention a few pies - after hanging out with their teenage crush (and fellow Celeb BB housemate) Tara Reid in Ireland.

The boys were snapped looking like shadows of their former selves as they arrived for a radio interview in Dublin after spending a few days with the former party girl.

The brothers posted a series of snaps on Twitter of them showing Tara the sights of Ireland by day (historic ruins, windswept hilltops - all very romantic) before getting glammed up for the American Pie: Reunion Irish premiere in the evening.

And if Tara's past partying exploits are anything to go by, I'm not surprised Jedward are looking a little deflated.

I never thought I'd say this, but I want the quiffs and madness back asap please. 'Sombre Jedward' is just plain weird.

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