24/04/2012 07:25 BST | Updated 24/04/2012 07:28 BST

Woman Wins Virginia Lottery Twice In One Day, Scooping $2 Million (VIDEO)

Most of the time, accidentally buying the same lottery ticket twice - with the same exact numbers, 5, 13, 17, 20 and 30 - would be thought of as a pretty silly thing to do.

After all, if the chances of winning at all are so high, winning twice on the same day would be near impossible, right? Wrong, as it turns out - and Virginia Fike from Berryville, Virginia has the supersized $2 million cheque to prove it.

Of course, after tax her haul is slightly smaller - a still respectable $1.4 million, mind - but there's not doubt about it: she's a very lucky lady indeed.

But why those numbers? And why twice? "I picked numbers based on my parents’ anniversary and their ages at that time, divided by the year they were married," Fike told The Journal, assing "I was like, 'If I win, I win twice'… so I just went ahead and took the tickets."

Well played, Virginia from Virginia, well played indeed. You now join Huffington Post UK's 'amazing lottery winners' hall of fame, you lucky thing - which is like winning another $2 million, right? Wait, don't answer that.