25/04/2012 12:28 BST

Autistic Boy Akian Chaifetz Wears Wire To School And Records Teachers Abusing Him

A child with autism has recorded his teachers bullying him after his father sent him to school with a wire.

Stuart Chaifetz was concerned after he received letters from the Cherry Hill school in New Jersey, US, saying his son was having violent outbursts and hitting his teacher and aide. After meetings with a behaviourist failed to determine the cause, Chaifetz sent his 10-year-old son Akian into school with a wire.

When Akian returned home, his father discovered more than six hours of audio showing his son being bullied and verbally abused by his teachers and posted the evidence on YouTube.

"He was lashing out because he was being mocked, mistreated and humiliated," Chaifetz explained on his website. His outbursts were his way of expressing that he was being emotionally hurt at school."

According to Chaifetz, a teacher and her assistant called Akian a "bastard" and told him to "shut your mouth".

After Chaifetz sent the recording to the school, one has been sacked and another transferred to a different school.

The single father is now campaigning for a public apology and says he believes the reason the teachers were able to abuse his son was because the children were autistic and therefore less likely to report them.

"It is also far past time that these issues are allowed to be hidden from public view."