Donald Trump: 'Wind Farms Will Destroy Scotland'

Donald Trump has told Scottish MSPs that wind turbines are "one of the most serious problems Scotland has had, or will ever have".

The American billionaire, who is building a golf course in Scotland, told MSPs in Holyrood on Wednesday that wind turbines "are going to be the destruction of your tourism industry".

"You'll lose your tourism industry to Ireland and to other places that are laughing at what Scotland is doing," he added.

Trump warned them: "If you pursue this goal of building these monsters all over Scotland, Scotland will go broke".

Pressed by a member of Holyrood's Tourism Committee on the evidence for his claim, Trump replied: "I am the evidence".

"I am an expert at tourism. I have won many awards ... If you dot your landscape with these horrible horrible structures, you'll do tremendous damage."

'I am a lot more of an expert than the people you'd like me to hire to do it for a pay-check. I am considered a world-class expert in tourism. When you say where is the evidence, I am the evidence'

Trump complained to MSPs about the prospect of wind turbines being built near his golf course. "I don't want to see it destroyed by having [these] monstrosities looming over it"

He said that he had invested "a tremendous amont of money" in his golf resort.

"Many are already considering it to be the greatest golf course in the world. This project is better than Disneyland"

"If I knew turbines were going there near the course. I would have built in Ireland"

Trump dismissed wind power as a "very inefficient form of energy. It requires a massive amount of subsidies".

"Wind turbine are so unattractive, so noisy and so ugly that if Scotland does this, I think Scotland will be in serious trouble."

"When you have a tiny population, a couple of windmills could do something. Appropriately located industrial turbines are ok. You lose money, you lose a tremendous amount of money without a UK subsidy."

Trump has caused controversy with his plan to build a golf course in Aberdeen. The billionaire has had to battle concerns over the course's environmental impact, and resistance from the Scottish government.

First minister Alex Salmond has said that Trump's decision to spend £750m on the golf resort "does not imply ownership" of Scotland.