25/04/2012 06:43 BST | Updated 25/04/2012 13:31 BST

Ferret Tries To Steal Some Bread (VIDEO)

After watching certain ferret-based videos - namely, the one where a ferret plays dead when his owner 'shoots' him - we know that ferrets are clever creatures.

This one, however, doesn't seem to understand the concept of volume all that well, attempting to take a hunk of bread with him through a hole in a ventilation vent, but failing - over and over and over.

Didn't he watch the YouTube clip where a dog can't get a loaf of French bread into his kennel? Come on, Mr. Ferret, the internet's only a click away, for goodness' sake.

Of course, this ferretty fellow isn't the only naughty creature to get caught on camera - just take a look at this animals behaving badly video gallery...