Helena Bonham Carter Reveals She Had To Wear Nappies On Harry Potter Set For Pelvic Floor Problems


Too Much Information klaxon! Helena Bonham Carter has been revealing just a bit more than we needed to know about the state of her pelvic floor post-babies.

The actress told the Sunday Times that her nether regions were so weak after the birth of Nell, now four, that she lost control of her bladder all over the Harry Potter film set...

Helena 'fessed up that when returning to her role as Bellatrix Lestrange just 12 weeks after Nell's birth she 'really couldn't jump up and down and scream without losing most of my bodily liquid'. She went on to admit that 'they had these air dryers, these huge things - that's where I would dry myself off.'

But obviously inconvenienced by this (and who can blame her – it's hard enough drying your hands with one of those air dryers – one can only imagine the acrobatics involved in trying to de-dampen any other parts) Helena reportedly resorted to NAPPIES.

When asked if anyone noticed her diapered derriere, she said: "None of the men. They don't know, you see. But all the girls were, like, 'How can you?' But, actually, I don't think I was too embarrassed. There's something quite liberating about having a baby; there's less, you know..."

The mum of two went on to say that despite the subsequent incontinence, she loved giving birth to her babies, saying she would 'have a baby every day', adding:

"The birth day is fantastic. It is magic. It is complete magic."

We love Helena! Is it a relief to have a celeb talk publicly about post baby leakage?

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