25/04/2012 06:04 BST | Updated 25/04/2012 13:35 BST

'Storm The Weather Dog' Pops Up On Canadian News Bulletin (VIDEO)

After watching the video above, we've decided that not enough adorable dogs appear on the news. Take a look yourself - within a few seconds of clicking play, you'll see a dog's wet nose all upside your computer screen, all of a sudden.

Wouldn't Jeremy Paxman's interview technique be improved on Newsnight if a Doberman was beside him? Could we stomach Natasha Kaplinsky is there was an Old English Sheepdog sitting on her lap? There is no doubt.

Kicking off something that we hope will become an international trend of pooches popping up unexpectedly on camera comes Storm - affectionately known as 'Stormy The Weather Dog' - who snuffled his way on camera by leaping up beside a newsanchor Leslie Roberts on Canadian Global TV.

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As the weatherman Anthony Farnell explained, "He was supposed to actually stay underneath the desk, but he did pop up out of the blue."

And in case you were wondering, Storm is a poodle/golden retriever cross, and has his own Facebook page. Of course.

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