25/04/2012 17:27 BST | Updated 25/06/2012 06:12 BST

The Apprentice: Katie Wright Is The Sixth Candidate To Be Fired After Failing To Sell Meatballs (PHOTOS)

Katie Wright has become the latest candidate to hear the dreaded words from Lord Sugar - "You're Fired!"

Her team Phoenix had attempted to sell overpriced meatballs to a football crowd in Edinburgh on a Saturday afternoon.

Project manager Adam chose to bring back in with him, Katie and Azhar - as Adam said of Azhar, "you did owt."

But Lord Sugar had already homed in on the idea of a football location, questioning the wisdom of this, and of course this was poor Katie's idea.

"Had you gone to the football crowd and sold it for £2.50 a portion, you might have sold hundreds," advised Lord Sugar. "£5.99 a portion... it's out of the question."

And he added, "At Hearts? They don't pay that for a striker there."


Lord Sugar thought project manager Adam's market trading instincts had kicked in, to keep prices down and try to shift as much as possible. This descended into a verbal fisticuffs between Adam and Azhar, until Adam turned his blame game to Katie.

She fought back, pointing out the extent of her efforts: "I was dressed as a pizza, running round that place."

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Finally, Lord Sugar decided to give Adam "one more chance" but of Katie, after seeing her for the third time in the final three, he only had this to say, "I'm not convinced - you're fired."

Sterling had pitched a higher-quality product, with more expensive products, but had been able to shift a load more. In terms of the final sums, it was an incredibly close call between the teams in the boardroom, but the figures told the story:

Phoenix: Costs£90.25, Sales £388.29 = Profit £298.04

Sterling: Costs £268.82, Sales £588.60 = Profit £319.78

Sterling members were free to liberate themselves on Segways, with only a minor accident to show for it - while Phoenix had to find a sad cafe to ponder their collective failure.

I think we all knew Katie was in trouble when she found herself, dressed as a pizza, trying to tempt people on the tourist bus:

"What food do you think I might be bringing to you? You need to think outside the pizza box for this one."

Everyone looked a bit excited, until...

"It's actually meat balls."

There was a deafening silence and perhaps unsurprisingly in retrospect, no takers.

As their project manager Adam reflected on hearing about this disaster, "They've literally missed the bus on this."

Here are the candidates in action this week...

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