26/04/2012 14:04 BST | Updated 26/04/2012 14:11 BST

Marie And Jay Coulbeck, IMVU Gamer Couple Who Met As Avatars Wed In Real Life

A couple who met via online role-playing game IMVU have married in real life after falling for each other's avatars.

The online personas of Marie Coulbeck, 44, and Jay Coulbeck, 41, may have impossibly perky boobs and ridiculously ripped abs, but the two saw through their enhanced online images to find a real connection that has joined them together as husband and wife.

Mrs Coulbeck, 44, told The Daily Mail: "My confidence and self-esteem was rock bottom but this programme allowed me to leave that behind and be the person I wanted to be."

"I designed the Goddess to be everything I felt I wasn’t in real life: slim, sexy and confident. Being her was a way of escaping the usual drudgery and I actually started to prefer my online life to my real one," she said.

Mrs Coulbeck's character, Goddess of the Orient, and sports a curvy, toned figure, a skirt the size of a belt and and a top that barely covers her amble bossom.

Mr Coulbeck's shirtless avatar Gunner has a Tommy Lee aesthetic, with rippling abs, tribal tattoos, shaggy black hair and low-slung goth rave trousers.

While the marriage is rare, IMVU is designed to help people meet. An online chat and role playing space where members can create a fantasy avatar that can embody everything they're not, users can select all their character's features, including their face and body shape. They can then design a virtual "hang out" to meet with and chat to online friends. It was in such a hang out that Goddess and Gunner met.

IMVU was launched in 2004 and has 25 million registered users and takes in $1 million in revenue each month, according to Crunchbase.

It makes its money via the sale of virtual credits, used to purchase digital products and is backed by Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

Check out photos of the IMVU newly weds and their avatars below.