26/04/2012 05:57 BST | Updated 26/04/2012 06:31 BST

Rupert Murdoch Due To Give Second Day Of Evidence At Leveson Inquiry

Rupert Murdoch is set to continue his evidence to the Leveson Inquiry on Thursday morning, answering questions about allegations of phone hacking at his newspapers in Britain.

On Wednesday the 81-year-old News Corp chief executive denied asking for any personal favours from politicians or using his newspapers to promote his commercial interests.

He also accused former prime minister Gordon Brown of threatening to wage war on News Corp, an allegation Brown said was "wholly" inaccurate.

Murdoch at Leveson: The 10 best quotes so far

  1. On the BBC: "Prime ministers all hated the BBC and all gave it everything it wanted."
  2. On The Sun's support for the Conservatives: "I could have been like the Telegraph. I could even have texted them every day".
  3. On being questioned: "Let's get him to get this f**king thing over with today".
  4. To Tony Blair: "If our flirtation is ever consummated Tony, I suspect we will end up making love like porcupines, very very carefully."
  5. On politics: "I don't know many politicians."
  6. On The Sun: "We are perhaps the only independent newspaper in the business."
  7. On Business: "I take a particularly strong pride in the fact we've never pushed our commercial interests in our newspapers"
  8. On Gordon Brown: "I did not think he was in a very balanced state of mind."
  9. On unions: "I didn't have the will to crush the unions. I might have had the desire, but that took several years"
  10. On favours: "I've never asked a Prime Minister for anything"

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