26/04/2012 05:03 BST

Simon Cowell Turns Up At Own Unauthorised Biography Launch

You'd think Simon Cowell would want to distance himself as far away as possible from that book but not so - last night he even rocked up to the official launch.

We're still trying to work out how Tom Bower's biography on the music mogul is classed as 'unauthorised' if Simon happily divulged that he slept with Dannii Minogue (as well as lots of other juicy revelations) - and then endorses the tome by turning up at the launch. Anyone else?

And after posing for photos with his friends Philip and Chloe Green and the book's author at London's Serpentine Gallery, Si apologised to 'those who he embarrassed' and insisted he was still friends with the author of Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell.

"I wish to use this opportunity to make a public apology to those who I embarrassed," he said.

"I have to apologise to members of my family. However, 10 years ago, if I knew someone would be writing a book about me saying I'd made loads of money and shagged loads of girls, I would have said, 'Great'.

"I spent the week under my pillow, and banned newspapers from my house. I knew it was bad because friends were sending me sweet messages saying, 'Are you ok?' Being invited here is like being a mouse invited to a dinner party by a cat. But I do like Tom, I've grown to like my captor."

But despite the controv, that famous Cowell humour is still very much intact it seems after he joked that he's planning his own tell-all book.

"Actually, since my friends are all here, I want to announce I'm taking a year off from TV tonight," he said. "I'm bringing out my own book - the sordid sexual life of Tom Bower."