Women 'Hit Their Prime At 35'

Although teens and twentysomethings may have youth and stamina on their side – women aged 35 are the ones who’ve got life sorted, a recent study has revealed.

According to research by fashion store CC clothing, ladies hit their peak on their 35th birthday, as they feel at their most confident with their dress sense and appearance.

One in three admitted that their confidence increased as they grew older and many admitted to making one too many fashion flaws before they felt truly comfortable with their look.

However, not all ladies hit their prime at 35 – as one in 20 admitted that they felt their best at 56.

‘There is an assumption that your looks and sense of style are at their peak in your late teens and early twenties, but this research shows that it can take a while before you find a style and image that suits,” a spokesperson for CC said in a statement.

“Confidence, knowledge and wisdom are crucial when it comes to looking good, you can have all the latest trends and must have fashion items but if you don’t have the confidence to carry it off the whole look is wasted.”

This study follows a HuffPost Lifestyle survey, which revealed that the average Brit does not experience true contentment until the age of 38.

Whereas another study revealed that our thirties are the new twenties, as seven in 10 of us admit to feeling at our happiest at 33 and another revealed our happy levels shoot up once we hit 45.

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