27/04/2012 07:48 BST

Pakistan Baby Born With Three Arms, One Attached To Her Back (PICTURES)

A condition that only affects one in a million newborns has left a baby girl in Pakistan with three arms.

The four-day-old baby, who has yet to be named, has two regular arms plus a third attached to her back.

She was transferred to Nishtan Hosptial in Pakistan after her father, Waqar Ahmed, took her to a local clinic after her birth.

Experts are now discussing the practicalities of operating to remove the third arm.

The arm is attached close to her spinal cord.

The incredibly rare condition, called Polymelia, causes an embryo to start developing as conjoined twins. One of the twins fails to develop fully leaving the developed twin with extra limbs.

Although rare, another case recently made the news when a baby boy, Umar Faroog, was born with six legs.

He was successfully operated on and is now recovering in hospital.