27/04/2012 04:57 BST

Pixie Lott Needs A Helping Hand As She Leaves Party At 5am

She might only be 20-years-old but Pixie Lott is already showing older stars how to party until dawn and still keep your dignity intact. Just.

The pop star was at a private party in London last night and didn't leave until the wee small hours (5am to be precise) but despite the late night she still managed to (a) look great and (b) not eat pavement as she left the bash.

To be fair she did need to lean on a mate (literally) as she made her way to her car but we still reckon she could have stood on one leg and recited the alphabet backwards. Ok, maybe not backwards.

With that kind of form we think she needs to have a word with Tulisa who only last week showed how NOT to do it as she left a London club looking a tiny bit worse for wear.

Pixie's just started work on her third album, which she says will have a 'Motown feel'.

She told The Press Association: "I'm going to start putting some ideas together soon. I just want to go back into the Motown and soul vibe. I would like to make the album with that whole sound, because that's the music that I love.

"I've been lucky to do a few that I loved like Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Lionel Richie. They're a couple of greats that I've always wanted to duet with so it would be great to work with them again for my next album."


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