27/04/2012 09:53 BST | Updated 27/04/2012 13:27 BST

Texas Rangers Baseball Fans Keep Foul Ball From Crying Child (VIDEO)

When a foul ball flies into the crowds at a baseball game, it's an unwritten rule that the nearest young person gets it, right?

Wrong, alas. It seems that if you're near the ball, all rules are off and it's whoever can get their hands on it that walks home with spherical leather throwable thing.

Just take a look at this video above, where a child ends up in tears while a happy couple keep the ball. For shame, for shame!

At least there's a nice ending, as a kind Texas Rangers representive throws the family another ball to keep the little 'un happy.

And just for a laugh, here's our tried-and-true dancing on the jumbotron video gallery. Can't not love this, eh?