27/04/2012 20:42 BST

The Voice: Contestants Get Glossy Makeover, But Matt Fletcher Says No... (PHOTOS)

Hirsute Matt Fletcher has revealed he refused to bow to pressure from BBC bosses to shave his beard for BBC1's The Voice - because he feels it is the source of his power.

"I lose my power"

The self-styled Samson - who performs as part of a folk duo with childhood sweetheart Sueleen - revealed "the powers upstairs" had asked him to get rid of his bushy beard and flowing silvery locks for the start of the live shows this week.

Matt said: "They were talking about taking off the whole beard, but it's a part of me and I lose my power without it."

He added: "It's just who I am. I'm comfortable looking like this and if you're comfortable with yourself it gives you confidence to do your best."

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The 34-year-old - who will be performing Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac with Sueleen in tonight's live show - revealed he was prepared to fight to keep his shaggy mane.

"They did try and I said something like 'I think I could take two or three of you down before you pin me down and shave it, but if you want to go for it, go for it', and they backed off."

Sueleen supported him, saying: "I love him like that. It would be horrible to see all that gone."

Matt and Sueleen will take part alongside the rest of Sir Tom Jones' team tonight. Fellow coach Will.i.am will also see each of his five acts perform on the show.

On Sunday's results show each coach will have to choose to send one of their artists home from the two who receive the fewest votes from the public.

Meanwhile, the remaining acts enjoyed some glossy makeovers this week - see the results below...

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