01/05/2012 10:28 BST | Updated 01/05/2012 10:41 BST

iPad 4G Claims Under Scrutiny In UK

Apple is being re-investigated by the UK advertising standards authority of claims that its iPad 4G does not work on the UK's 4G network.

The ASA told The Huffington Post that the complaints received claim that the product does not work on existing 4G testing bands, others that it will not work with the UK's 4G system once it is rolled out.

Apple advertised the new iPad in both 4G and Wi-Fi models. At the time of release, Apple said that although it will not work on 4G networks outside the US, it will deliver significantly faster 3G broadband.

The ASA told The Huffington Post that the tech giant is being re-investigated after initial complaints were resolved. 40 complaints regarding the possibly misleading 4G claim were initially received by the ASA, and yet more have been received recently.

An ASA spokesperson told The Huffington Post: "When we approached Apple with the concerns that had been raised, it stated it had removed references to 4G from the webpage that was subject to the complaints. Apple also agreed to edit a video that contained references to 4G. On the basis that the issues that had been raised with us had been resolved we closed the case informally."

The ASA says that if it appears that the 4G claims Apple was asked to remove are still appearing, it will investigate the new complaints.

The aggrevation amongst Apple users is not restricted to the UK. In Australia, Apple has been forced to offer refunds to customers who bought the Apple iPad 4G, because it does not work on the country's 4G network.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission said in a statement: "Apple's recent promotion of the new 'iPad with wi-fi + 4G' is misleading because it represents to Australian consumers that the product can, with a Sim card, connect to a 4G mobile data network in Australia, when this is not the case."