01/05/2012 13:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Nonomum Riddle: Woman Claiming She's Expecting NINE Babies Had Her Tubes Tied

The riddle of the mum with nine babies: Woman claiming she's pregnant with nine babies apparently has already had her tube tied TMZ

When a Mexican woman claimed to be pregnant with a whopping nine babies, we thought we'd finally found someone to knock Octomum off the record books.

But the plot of Karla Vanessa Perez's bumper pregnancy has thickened, as health officials have claimed she's not even pregnant, let alone expecting nine babies.

The 32-year-old has been called a liar, with doctors claiming she is just obese, and can't possibly be expecting her brood as she's had her fallopian tubes tied!

Doctor José Salvador Gallegos Mata told El Diario de Coahuila: "Everything is a crude joke, hatched by a person with an evident and urgent need to say, 'Here I am! Come and see me! I exist!'

"Humanly and scientifically a pregnancy of nine would only be possible through IVF. But never through natural methods, and even less so when a woman who has undergone a salpingectomy (the surgical removal of the Fallopian tubes she had following the birth of her youngest child).

"This woman needs urgent psychiatric help, because now the hoax has been discovered she will not know how to confront it, how to solve the problem she has created."

Karla claimed she was expecting six girls and three boys, due on May 20. She had announced she had conceived her bumper brood just weeks after giving birth to what we now know to be phantom triplets.

Karla does have three children with car mechanic husband Juan Bernardo Garcia Morales, but they are four, 12 and 15.

Announcing her news, she told the press: "It's very early to think of names for the babies. First I hope that everything goes well."

Footage of Karla talking about her 'pregnancy' is below from a Mexican TV station.

Octomum, it seems your crown is safe...