01/05/2012 07:52 BST | Updated 01/05/2012 07:53 BST

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Goes For A Spin In His Porsche (PHOTO)

It was only yesterday that we spotted One Direction's Harry Styles out and about in his very swish Audi R8 (a snip at £100K) and now bandmate Louis Tomlinson has been showing off his set of wheels.

Louis splashed out on the Porsche last year and then found out he had to cough up the cost of the sports car again just to insure it.


But now Harry's upgraded his second hand Range Rover to a top of the range Audi we reckon it won't be long before Louis trades in his Porsche for something even flashier. Like a yacht. Or a country.

The boys have just been handed a whopping £2million bonus each by boss Simon Cowell after conquering the pop world including the notoriously hard-to-crack US charts, but they still reckon he's stingy.

Speaking to The Sun last month, band member Niall Horan said: "Simon Cowell is tight. That's why he's so successful - he's able to keep his money to himself. We're paid in jelly beans."

Yep, looks like it.


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